Can I get Sunday coupon inserts for free?

A common question asked by new coupon shoppers is how can they get coupon inserts without buying the Sunday paper. Unfortunately that is not possible (although there are some online services that let you purchase inserts). It makes sense that a newspaper wants you to buy their paper so having Sunday inserts is a great marketing tatic.

So how can else can you get coupon inserts?

  • Find a friend, family member or coworker that gets the Sunday paper and ask them for their inserts.
  • Form a local couponing group and share coupons between members.
  • Visit a recycling center and look for extras there.
  • Talk to a newspaper deliverer and see if they will leave you with extras.

Do not resort to stealing inserts from stores or your neighbors! Extreme couponing is already doing enough damage to the reputation of couponers.

• Published: September 27, 2011
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