Save Money on Groceries

Grocery shopping is one of the easiest and sometimes most overlooked ways to save money. When you are shopping on a weekly basis, saying as little as $10 per trip means over $500 saved per year! The good news is it's really easy to save money on groceries - here's how to do it.

Buy the Sunday Newspaper

Your Sunday newspaper is the best place to find grocery coupons. The coupon savings over the course of a year will easily pay for the newspaper cost. Consider buying multiple copies of the paper if there are really good coupons that week.

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Print Online Coupons

The internet is filled with printable coupons but often they are spread out across multiple locations. Fortunately our website,, surveys and collects them all in a single location.

For beginners, we'd recommend starting with since they are largest coupon supplier on the internet. You'll need to install their coupon printing software though the first time you print coupons.

Organize Your Coupons

Develop a method for organizing your coupons to make sure you can always find the coupon you're looking for. Consider arranging coupons by categories, expiration date, or even order them to match the layout in your grocery store.

Match Up Coupons with Sales

Review store circulars each week to find which items are on sale. Identify sale items that you have coupons for and go buy them! Stacking sales with coupons is the first step to saving big on your grocery bill. When you find a good deal, don't be afraid to buy in bulk or at least as many as your store's coupon policy allows.

Shop Around

Don't be afraid to shop at a different grocery store than you normally do. Sometimes you can miss the best deals if you never check prices at other stores. Look for stores that double coupons up to $1.00 to maximize your coupon savings.

Buy Generic Brands

Grocery stores usually offer a generic brand of products that are cheaper than the name brand. Most of the time, there is little or no difference in taste so consider generics whenever they are available.

Eat Healthier

Cooking your own food can save you money instead of buying preprocessed meals and foods.

Know Your List

Plan ahead by writing out a specific list of grocery items you need. Not only are you better organized, but it should prevent you from buying things you don't need and avoid impulse buys. Try our printable grocery lists as a starting point.

Buy Groceries on recently launched a "Subscribe & Save" program that allows you to save 15% on grocery orders. How it works is you choose a delivery schedule (every 1 month, 3 months, etc.) and Amazon automatically sends you the products at the requested interval. You save 15% and get free shipping on every order.

Ready for the next step? Read our article on extreme couponing tips to take your skills to the next level!

• Published: December 22, 2010
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