How do I print coupons from has a section on their website with printable coupons. Some coupons are Target-only while others are manufacturer coupons that can be used at any store. In a few simple steps, you can print these coupons and start saving money today.

1. Printer Setup

Make sure your default printer is turned on and has paper loaded. As with most coupon websites, coupons are sent automatically to the printer without a print preview window of any kind appearing.

2. Select Coupons to Print

Visit Target's coupon website and select the coupon(s) you'd like to print.

3. Install the Coupon Activator

If this is your first time printing coupons from Target, you need to install their Coupon Activator software. Go ahead and press the Print Selected Coupons button and the website will direct you to a screen with instructions on installing the program.

Select the download button and then double-click on the downloaded file to run the program. It should install in less than 10 seconds.

4. Coupons are Printed

After installation, the website should refresh automatically and the coupons you selected are sent directly to your printer. You can now continue to select and print coupons anytime you'd like.

If you have any problems, visit Target's Coupon FAQs page for troubleshooting tips.

• Published: January 4, 2011
• Visit our Target coupons page for more coupons and information.
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