Maamoul is a traditional Middle Eastern pastry filled with pistachios, walnuts and dates. Around the world, this shortbread cookie is normally available year round, though it is especially being adorned during different religious seasons and celebrations. Whether its Easter or Ramadan, a celebration would never be complete without Maamoul. Its because Maamoul has already become cultural treasures for many.

What The Term Maamoul Means
Maamoul cookies are extremely moreish, especially because of the sweet and savory filling that anyone would just want to indulge in. By the way, Maamoul comes from the Arabic word for made as it is handmade wand filled. With filling the pastry with the savory nut, it will fill your mouth with irresistible treats.

How A Gooey Filling In Maamoul Is Achieved
For Maamoul cookies with nuts pistachios and walnuts are grounded. Otherwise, the dates paste is used as a filling. The consistency is achieved as sugar and sugar syrup are combined with the specific kind of filling. Then, a crumbly and buttery crust with the faint hint of orange and rose blossoms further compliment the chewiness of the filling. Well, thatís how simple Maamoul is basically done yet it comes out as a delectable cookie a delicious opulence.

Why Maamoul Cookies Are Baked In Different Shapes And Sizes
There many forms and moldings used to make Maamoul. Each type is used to identify the kind of filling used. Those molded into the shape of balls having a rounded top are filled with walnuts. Whereas another version of the dome, which this time have flat tops are normally filled with dates. Then, the elongated oval shape is the ones which are filled with pistachios. All these are stamped with patterns to further decorate the Maamoul cookies.

Also, Maamoul cookies are done in different sizes to fit on several occasions. For coffee or tea time, smaller bite pieces of Maamoul cookies are ideal to complement. On the other hand, as desserts, those in medium and large bite pieces are more appropriate.

Maamoul does not simply end as being sweet and savory, as according to the Lebanese traditions a Maamoul serves as a symbol. If you’d like to taste an authentic Middle Eastern Maamoul cookie, it is best to get them from makers who have been in the industry for centuries. It is then that you’ll be assured that you’ll get the true taste of the traditionally significant Maamoul cookies.

There are so many bakeries that offer Maamoul, but only a few can provide you with quality, great tasting Maamoul. Bohsali is one which can let you have a taste of the Middle Eastern history as you take a bite of its mouth-watering Maamoul cookie.

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