Spending at the supermarket, all the ways to save money, avoid waste and to avoid having rip-offs

By LemonTree

But let’s go in order, and see, point by point, what are the unmissable tips for not wasting money, time and quality of products when shopping at the supermarket.

It is very useful to prepare a list according to real needs and consumption. Do not leave the house, do not rush to the supermarket, without first having written a list of real needs. The classic shopping list. If you don’t have it behind you, you can swear a mathematical certainty: you will make excessive and even useless purchases. And maybe you will forget to buy just what you need.
Avoid shopping on an empty stomach! It seems trivial, but it is another certainty also studied on a scientific level: if we are hungry, the tendency to purchase food products of any kind increases. Even when we don’t need these products. Conscious spending is not only good for health, but also for the wallet.
It is important to stop and read the labels to select the best quality products. Don’t be enchanted by advertising slogans, colors, persuasive packaging. Focus on a goal: product labels. If you start from this point, you will have no surprises, and once you have discovered the true characteristics of a product you can always buy it in peace.
Bring your glasses with you to read closely: the most important things are always written in small print.
The envelopes from home: very good ones in canvas, very resistant. Alternatively, reuse the eco-shoppers accumulated at home. Don’t waste money buying new polluting containers that accumulate relentlessly at home.
Choose the markets and supermarkets where you can find variety and fresh, seasonal produce from the area. Avoid pre-cooked and pre-packaged foods: unhealthy and sometimes very expensive.
Don’t discount the discount: as the author of Discount Or Die has already explained, Discount food is excellent, you just need to know how to choose. Don’t forget that discount stores can afford competitive prices because they have lower operating costs.
Watch out for promotions. Every day supermarkets do promotions. But the trick, which leads to waste, is simple: some are true, others false. It’s up to you to choose and don’t be fooled. Also, keep in mind that promotions are used to inflate your shopping bag So: don’t fall into this deadly trap.
Finally, if possible: produce as much as possible. Preparing pasta, bread, desserts, preserves and jam at home will allow you to avoid buying pre-packaged, healthy food products in a healthy and balanced way and greatly reduce your impact on the environment.
And in order not to waste money, we also help technology: here are the apps to save on grocery shopping.

MyVolantino. Both on the web and from the app it is possible to browse the promotional flyers divided by category, from large-scale distribution to electronics, from travel to children’s products. The flyers are localized, so they refer to the offers active in your area and you can browse, organize in your favorites or you can send them from smartphone to PC to improve viewing.
Where is it? Through the GPS the app locates the user and indicates the nearby shops, crossing offers with vivinanza (very useful to save money and time).
Super Savings. It starts from the shopping list, which is repeated week after week always similar to the previous one. The app allows you to identify individual products at the most convenient price, or you can consult flyers or do research on individual supermarkets.
MenoPercento. The service geolocates the conventions related to membership cards, payment cards, loyalty cards, meal vouchers. The user can discover through the app where and when to use his cards, with what advantages and/or savings.

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